Wednesday, September 18, 2013

day 102 : donate a book

this morning i posted about organizing books inside a little free library & this afternoons act of kindness is ALSO about books {and the little free library}

last weekend, after our walk with daphne {where i straightened up the first library} we headed to the farmers market. the market is a few blocks away & organized by a local hardware store. in front of their parking lot, they have EIGHT little free libraries {so cool!}

i just finished a book & decided to drop it in one of the boxes.
so simple! 

tell me : do you have little free libraries in your community? have you ever used one before? 


  1. I donated books at the little free library on/near the St Thomas campus on Monday night!!! AWESOMENESS :D xo

    1. yay! you are awesome!! little free libraries are so neat!