Thursday, September 5, 2013


its true ; i did it!
i have always wanted to donate my hair ; but its never been long enough to do so.
recently though, it had gotten SO LONG! like, so long that when i would roll over at night, my hair would get stuck on my back & it would hurt to move.

and now that i am not working ; i told myself i would treat myself to a haircut.
yesterday, i did a bunch of research on different organizations and chose to donate to pantene's beautiful lengths program.
{and just an ethical note : pantene is owned by proctor & gamble, who do bad things in the name of animal testing. i do not support p&g, BUT in researching all of the hair donation organizations ; this is the one i chose}
making wigs and hair pieces for women living with cancer is a beautiful thing and i am happy to make my small contribution.

september 7th is 'national donate your hair day!' i know i am a bit early, but today i decided to chop it all off! 
i went to aveda & monique {hey girl!} chopped EIGHT INCHES OFF!!
i love it. its long enough to go in a ponytail & its light enough that it doesnt make my neck sweat {eww}
my job now is to package up my ponytail & ship it to pantene! {just a chunk of hair in an envelope ; no big deal...}
if you have any questions about the different donation organizations, id love to help.
and also, big 'whoop whoop' to monique! she is awesome and did a great job. 

have you ever donated your hair? would you?


  1. Nice work! I have donated to beautiful lengths twice, and I also think they're the best, if you requested the letter back, it does take quite a while to get back!

    1. im not sure i requested a letter ; there wasnt any paperwork i had to fill out {not that i could find}
      i just put my hair in an envelope with a link to this post & that was it!

    Oh, sorry for the caps. Tiny baby fingers like to swat my laptop buttons.
    Are they picky about the hair? Like if it's been dyed or anything?

    1. amber, did i already email you about this? {i feel like i did, but cant find it!}
      they are a bit picky with hair. find the org that fits best for you & see what they require. natural dyes are usually fine ; other permanent color usually isnt..
      either way, its a great cause to look into if you are thinking about cutting your hair anyways!

  3. Awesome!! I donated my hair after a big haircut several years ago; it's such a great thing to do!

    1. jenn!
      how have i not talked to you since you got married?!?
      i NEED to write you back ;)

  4. Wow, that's super awesome!! I haven't researched programs myself, but I just recently found out my hair stylist goes through Beautiful Lengths too.

    I've never donated my hair, BUT: my plan is that when I reach my goal weight, I'll give my hair a complete makeover--including donating it! It's taken a lot of self-discipline to not chop it all off sooner though, that's for sure!

    1. thats so great, ashleigh! i just saw on your 101 in 1001 that you wanted to chop off your hair // do a makeover when you hit your goal!
      hitting your goal & donating your hair to someone in need = so many awesome things happening at the same time!!