Monday, September 9, 2013

day 95 : share a beautiful video

take 8 minutes & watch this video! 
charity : water is such an incredible organization ; i love what they are doing. they really are making the world a better place.
this month, they are raising money to build 100 wells in india.
one of the things they do SO well is make videos that really speak to you. ive never seen a charity : water video that hasnt made me cry {in a good way}. its amazing to see what clean water does to make life easier, safer & better.
we are SO lucky to not have to worry about disease or unsafe water ; we just turn on the faucet and drive.
take time & watch this video.
if you want to donate, you can go here
and even if you dont have the means to donate right now ; share it and tell your friends! 

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