Friday, September 6, 2013

day 89 : give a police dog a bulletproof vest

happy friday!
*thanks SO much for all your kind comments // texts // emails about cutting off my hair yesterday! i appreciate it!*
yesterday, i spent quite a bit of time editing individual posts and updating the 'good deeds' list. you can check it out here. while i was going through all the posts, it was really fun to see some of the things i have done in the past {almost} 100 days! pretty cool.

day 89 : help raise money for purchase bulletproof vests for police k-9s

one of our local hardware shops {they are super dog friendly} is trying to raise enough money to buy one vest for a dog in the minneapolis k-9 unit.
did you know that a k-9 police vest costs OVER $2,000!?! {i had no idea!}
now through the middle of the month, if you donate money to the fund, they will give you a free 5-gallon pail AND a huge bag of homemade dog treats. {treats are sold out}

i slipped some money in the jar and left with my new 5 gallon pail.
as i did more research, i was shocked that as the largest city in minnesota, we do not have ANY vests for our police dogs. usually, they are the first to enter dangerous situations ; they totally deserve protection.
also awesome : the owners of the hardware store are DOUBLING all donations.
{very cool!}

if you are local & want to help, you can read more here.
if you are NOT local & want to help, call your local police station and ask if your local k9 unit has any vests {or if there are any local fundraisers that need some money // help}

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