Monday, September 23, 2013

day 104 : take a bath {this totally counts}

so, i am a bit behind on documenting my acts of kindness. they have all happened, but dont be shocked when you see something from a couple weeks ago! 
{this is one of those...}

friday night {the night before my race} ; i wanted to take it easy, stay relaxed & keep my muscles as loose as possible.
i biked 8 miles to work & back, took the dog for a walk & totally treated myself to a bubble bath! 
{i am convinced that self-care does make the planet better!}

i poured in CUPS&CUPS of epsom salts, used a chunk of bubble bath from LUSH & read a few issues of my favorite magazines.
bonus : i took a bubble bath when i got home from my race, as well! 

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