Monday, September 23, 2013

day 103 : be really nice, have fun & thank volunteers

if you follow me on social media {or my other blog}, you know that i completed my first duathlon this weekend.
i have been obnoxiously vocal over the past 3 months, which has really helped keep me accountable! 
you can read my full race recap here
my good deed for saturday was to really have a great attitude & cheer on other racers AND thank all of the volunteers! 

there were TONS of volunteers throughout the race course & they were all so kind ; they cheered on EVERYBODY! clapping, encouraging words, high fives! 
i thanked each and every volunteer as i passed ; without volunteers, races like this dont happen.
also, when you are digging deep & wrestling with your mind, awesome words from strangers can really help turn the race around.

also, the bike portion of the race was 22 miles long and pretty hilly. i passed quite a few folks during the ride & took a second to chat with most of them! i encouraged riders when we were heading up huge hills and cheered for riders coming in to town as i was running my final leg.

i am convinced that if we all reached out to one person every single day, the planet would be better.
it feels so great building people up & giving them confidence! 
i passed a woman on the bike & she yelled 'yeah! go pink socks, you are awesome!' and as i was running the last leg, she was finishing up her ride & we both 'thumbs up-ed' each other! i love it! 

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