Thursday, September 5, 2013

day 87 : buy a stranger breakfast

long time, no post! 
here is the deal : i LOVE this project. i really do. i am proud of it & it reminds me how good & kind people are each day.
i have been neglecting this blog, mostly because of lack of time. right now, i am about 30 days BEHIND! yikes. 
so, since i am not working right now, my goal is to complete TWO acts of kindness each day for the next 3 weeks.
once i am caught up {and this page is updated} ; i will go back to one post a day.
last night, i spent a couple hours researching awesome causes and organizations and have some really awesome acts planned. woo hoo! 
so, lets get back into it! 
forgive the bad photo ; i was walking {action shot!!}

a while back, my awesome friend kate sent me four $5 gift cards for brueggers bagels. there is one at the end of my block, so i figured they would make awesome 'acts of kindness'

this morning, i walked over & sat on their patio. a young guy {my age-ish} came by with his son & i handed them a gift certificate. the dad was super appreciative! he looked at the boy {maybe 3 years old} and said 'this means, its our job to do something nice for a stranger today.'
mission accomplished! 
so simple!

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  1. I LOVE his reaction! It's perfect--just pay it forward. :-)