Tuesday, September 10, 2013

day 98 : drop a note

todays good deed is SO simple!
i havent seen my great-uncle {my grandmas brother} for quite a while & wanted to send him a postcard.
he is in his 90s and still super active. he plays golf throughout the summer, drives & gets coffee with his friends each morning.
hes a great guy & means a lot to my family.
his wife has some medical issues, so she has been in the home for a few years. she doesnt recognize any of us {even him}. my grandpa passed away three years ago & since then, my grandma & great-uncle spend tons of time together. they eat supper together most nights, go to the cafe for coffee and provide each other with support and company.
i hope that my sister and i can be that close when we are in our 80s and 90s.

also, the postcard is done by adam turman ; hes an incredible twin cities-based artist

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