Wednesday, September 18, 2013

day 101 : clean up someone elses mess

did you see my 100th act from yesterday? {i just love it so much!}
last weekend, blake & i were taking daphne for a super-long walk & came by this little free library. its been here for over a year & we have used it a few times.
{do you know little free libraries? they are boxes that can be in front of homes or businesses & they are full of books. 'take one, leave one' is the motto. we have over 15 in our neighborhood [that i know of] ; they are always so fun to stumble across}

i always stop & check out the books when i find one.
and this one was a mess! books were everywhere.
so, i straightened up a bit. and yes i love organizing ; but its hard to see the books when they are all over the place. ;)
so simple & it really took about 45 seconds.
{more proof that you dont need tons of time or money to make the planet a teeny bit better!}


  1. I think one of my favorite things about your acts of kindness is that some of them are so spontaneous! I guess I just think if I tried this I would be all concerned about trying to plan out 365 different acts ahead of time, think of only about 10, and then get frustrated and throw in the towel.

    1. confession : as this project has picked up speed // kept going, i have found that small acts 'just happen'. in the beginning, i would plan things {and i still do, if its something like donating large items or volunteering}, but for the most part, the small acts are really easy to do // find!