Thursday, September 26, 2013

day 108 : donate to the food shelf

this one is easy!
two weeks ago, the healthy living summit was in town & we had so many generous sponsors!
each person that attended walked away with TONS of free stuff. i mean it, TONS!
i dont need tons of stuff.
i really am one of those people that takes what i need {in that moment} and is fine giving the rest away.
personally, i find that living with 'stuff'' makes me stressed. also, there are so many great groups and organizations ready to give 'my stuff' to people who really deserve it.

when i got home from the conference, i kept a few things {a couple pouches of almonds, a box of cereal, ect} and i put everything else in a reusable bag & walked up to the coop.
at the entryway of our coop, there is a donation box that benefits the local food shelf.

so easy. i have stuff. more than i need. i give my extra stuff to people that could benefit. *poof* everybody benefits!

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