Thursday, October 3, 2013

day 109 : make you cry and introduce you to mama jade

hey everybody!
its been a week since i have posted on here.
you will find out why its been a bit quiet in the next couple of weeks!
i have been *incredibly* inspired this past week and am in the process of launching a new business that *could* change the world!
it will be a direct extension of this blog ; but there is quite a bit of work involved, which is why it will be a bit quiet around these parts until the new website launches next week {woo hoo!}

today, i decided to pop in & share a story with you that has gone viral in the past couple of days.
{i know, you know..} we rescued daphne over a year ago. she is 65-pounds and part pit. she has a slew of issues & has destroyed most things we own ; but gosh, we love her so very much.
we know that when she was a puppy, she was trapped in a harness {either she ran away with it on, or it was left on intentionally}. we dont know her whole story, but whenever i hear stories of dogs that have been abused and mistreated, my heart just rips in half.

a facebook friend shared this picture this morning; and after doing some digging {and bawling for 30 minutes!} ; i found a really inspiring story!

first, look at the photo of this pit bull.
{the photo is from the author of the CL post}

and then, go read this craigslist post.
and then, go 'like' this facebook page to stay updated & involved!

i dont want to give too much away ; but i promise that you will bawl, feel so sad & then feel so very inspired by all the goodness in this story!

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