Monday, October 14, 2013

day 111 : send my grandpa some photos

happy monday, everybody!
its been a bit quiet over here, but i promise it will liven up tomorrow.
i have a billion things to do today to make sure i am ready {well, the goal is to be 'ready enough, everybody believes im ready' ;)} for the site to launch!
be sure to stop back tomorrow & i will share all the details!
i really am excited. i believe so strongly that we can all team up, complete small acts of kindness & make the world better!

todays act is pretty simple!

last month, i completed my first duathlon {you can read that here} and blake took a bunch of photos. last week, i printed a bunch off & this morning, i sent three photos and a handwritten note to my grandpa. he lives a couple hours away, but i havent seen him for a couple of months, so i figured this would be a great way to let him know that i am thinking about him.
today is a great day to let a parent or grandparent know you are thinking about them! 

see you tomorrow ;)

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