Monday, October 21, 2013

day 114 : send a postcard to a little boy

you guys!
this one is so fun! and super easy.

a couple weeks ago, i got an email from aundra. we met at healthy living summit & she was looking to start her own kindness project.
last week, she launched it& its called a year of chestertown nice.

her cousins son is the class geographer at school & they are looking for postcards from around the world.
so cute!

i have a handful from minnesota, so i wrote his class a little note & sent it off!

if you are interested in sending his class a postcard & sharing a bit about where you live, leave a comment or send me an email & i will get you his address!
{dianapantz at gmail}

also a quick 'be nice box' update : all of the november boxes are SOLD OUT! [thanks so much!!]
there is currently a waiting list for december. if you want to get on the list {you will be guaranteed a spot for december} send me an email!


  1. I live in Australia (previously from Atlanta, GA) and would be happy to send a postcard from Melbourne!

    1. nicola, i dont have an email address for you! if you email me, i can set you up with the schools address!

  2. I'd love to send them a post card from Huntsville AL! Please send me the school's address (happycactusshop {at} gmail {dot} com.

    Also, I'd like information on the Be Nice Box too.