Tuesday, October 8, 2013

day 110 : give a TON of books new homes

this one is SO easy! 
blake & i have both worked with kids for years {me : 13 years ; him : 16 years}. literacy is SO important to both of us. over time, we have both developed a real love of kids books. not the {lame} character books that only allow rote learning {yes, i know, that is fine, too} ; but real quality childrens books. ones with great story lines and beautiful pictures.

between the two of us, we have crates and crates of kids books. SO MANY! 
over the past couple months, we have been purging and simplifying our lives.
blake recently took a new position {still with kids, but no longer teaching} and i decided that i am done working with kids {its just not where my passion is, anymore} ; so we had to decide what to do with all these kids books..

we decided to go through & donate most {only keeping ones that are really personal to our lives, stories, career} 
blake took about 30+ to his new job to use for some program activities and we set aside another 50+ to give to the minnesota literacy council! their mission is to put books in the hands of every kid in minnesota! each year, they donate over 10,000 books to kids in low-income families // areas throughout the state.

i was SO lucky to grow up in a family where books were enjoyed and read often. my parents read me book after book after book each night before bed & i am convinced it was because of them that i love reading so much today! 

if you are looking to donate books in your area, contact a school, a head start program, or a literacy council. 


  1. That is awesome! I'm constantly picking up books for my girls, or taking trips to the library. They love to read now, and I hope that continues. What a great way to spread the love of reading to others. I think we'll have to share some of our books soon too!

  2. love this -- your year of kindness is truly inspiring, and i'm looking to forward to following along on your journey :) let me know if i can do anything to help :)