Saturday, September 7, 2013

day 94 : donate a bag of dog food

i am back from my volunteer shift in st paul {i biked 40+ miles round trip!}

a few months ago, we pulled a pup from doggy death-row & kept her for a week, until she found her forever family!
the rescue that we saved her through, gave us a HUGE bag of dog food. when she was being adopted, her new family said that they didnt need the bag {they used a different brand}
so, here we sit with a large bag of dog food {its weight-control, so its no good for daph}

there are so many amazing dog rescues in town that are always looking for food donations.
yesterday, i volunteered with secondhand hounds, so it made sense to give them the bag of food to be used for their dogs waiting for a home.
this is such an easy act of kindness. shelters are ALWAYS looking for donations ; towels, toys, food, leashes, ect. also, if you are a runner, there are always high-energy dogs that would LOVE a 30 min run outside!

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