Monday, August 5, 2013

day 72 : head back to 1950 & solve a murder

you guys! 
this was so fun! 
we live in a really great neighborhood of minneapolis. we have two lakes within minutes, a library, two farmers markets, a coop, tons of shops & great places to eat. 
we also have a streetcar line a few blocks away. in the summer, the street car runs for events & for trolley tours. on the streetcar, you are able to see both the lakes & its just like stepping back in time! 
we have ridden before & its an iconic staple in the neighborhood.

the trains are run by volunteers & they always remind me of grandpas i want to eat donuts with.

for the last two weekends, they have held a murder mystery tour.
its like a dinner theatre, but on a moving trolley {hello, its a genius idea!}
we purchased tickets, dressed up like we were in 1952 {the streetcar was used in the 50's AND thats the decade the show took place in} & biked down to the tracks.

it was so awesome! 
the show was an hour-long murder mystery. there was singing, dancing & lots of silliness ; we really enjoyed it.

a portion of the ticket sales are used to preserve the streetcars & the museum. we got an awesome show, had a fun date night & helped support a piece of history in our neighborhood! 

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