Saturday, August 17, 2013

day 79 : 'HEY! you gave me too much money!'

happy saturday! 
both weekend mornings, blake and i start our days with a trip to the farmers markets. we have two markets that are within 5 blocks from us ; so its a great way to start the day. we walk the dog, grab a pastry and visit with our neighbors. 

this morning, we walked to the market and bought a watermelon and a pint of ground
cherries. the melon was $3 and the cherries were $5 ; so my total was $8.
i gave the woman a $20 and she gave me $17 back.
as i was walking away, i counted my change and realized she gave me an extra $5.
so, i turned around and returned it. the women was really grateful and thanked me for my honesty.
it sounds so simple {most acts of kindness are this easy!} ; but i felt really great as a walked away.
i felt proud of my parents {and grandparents} for teaching me about honesty and the importance of never taking more than you need!

i also want to write a quick note thanking all of you for reading this blog! 
i have been getting a bunch of email, facebook and twitter comments about good deeds that YOU have been preforming and i would love to hear more! 
SO, if YOU have been the recipient of a good deed OR YOU are the one preforming an act of kindness ; toot your horn and let me know! i would love to share {no matter how small!} 

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