Tuesday, August 6, 2013

day 74 : leave a yelp! review

my first yelp! review.
have you ever written one?

5 weeks ago, i purchased a new {and really expensive} road bike from REI for my duathlon training. and while i was slowly warming up to the bike, i was having nothing but problems.
the brakes, the cassette, the gears, blown tires ; all of it. way too many issues for buying a brand new bike.

on friday, we were biking home & the back tire blew AGAIN {i have had my commuter bike for 4 years and only had a blown tire ONE TIME!}. i was feeling super frustrated, so first thing in the morning, we headed to our favorite bike shop in town to buy a new bike.

we had a really great experience {we have been giving them our business for 3 years} & i wanted to email the store manager to say so. BUT, i figured the manager knows mike {our sales guy} is really great at his job. so, i decided to leave a yelp review instead.

and, if you live in the cities & are looking for really awesome service, here is their review page.
as a female biker, who rides for fun ; i have encountered plenty of bike shops that look at me like, 'shouldnt your boyfriend help you make a decision?' the guys at freewheel are the best!

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