Saturday, August 24, 2013

day 84 : share some personal photos

hi everybody!
three years ago today, my grandpa passed away.
he really was one of my favorite people in the world.
i loved him so very much & thinking about how much i miss him just tears my heart in half.

each year on this day {and his birthday}, i give money to cancer research in his name & while that counts as a good deed, what i really want to do today is share a few of my favorite photos of him!

he and my grandma when she was in college! 

in his navy uniform {around the same time as the above picture}

this is my all-time favorite picture. 
i think i am 4. and the sweater my grandpa is wearing? after he passed, my grandma gave it to me. i still wear it in the winter.

and i look totally unimpressed with my 6-year old life here, but look how pumped my little sister is!

take a minute today to call your parents // grandparents. these past couple weeks have been a bit rough & i would give all my money away to hangout with my grandpa today! 

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