Sunday, August 4, 2013

day 71 : give a stranger a gift card

this weekend, blake & i biked to the movies and did a good deed on the way home.
*disclaimer // something to note : i was given a $5 gift card to mcdonalds from klout to try their new fish bites. since i am vegan and do not eat fast food, i decided to pass this card on. i would rather have someone get a hot meal than have the card go to waste*

the mcdonalds was right across the street from the theatre, so we sat out front and waited for our random stranger.
after a few minutes, we saw a man dig deep into his pockets, counting change and heading towards the door. before he went in, i went up & gave him the card.
he looked super surprised, said a quick thanks & headed inside. i didnt want him to feel awkward, pressured or embarrassed, so we left right away.

so easy. we can all afford to load up a $5 gift card and present it to a stranger! 

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  1. I hate that awkward moment after their shock and "thank you".... it's so.... well, awkward! :p