Monday, August 19, 2013

day 80 : bring a hostess gift & provide a child with the gift of education

{i apologize for the bad photos}
blake & i belong to a really amazing CSA! {if you are in the cities and are interested for next year, i highly recommend bossy acres}{they are so amazing! the food is incredible & they really believe in building a community}
last night, two of the members hosted a potluck for the rest of us. 
everybody brought a few dishes and we had a really great time.
blake and i have lived here for 3 years now, and one of the things we miss most about portland is all the incredible friends we made when we were there.
we have definitely had a harder time finding our 'tribe' since we have been here.
in the past month, we have been meeting some really amazing people & on our ride home last night, we felt so thankful to be included with such a great group of humans.

we brought our hosts a pound of coffee from three avocados. they are a non-profit that purchases school supplies & covers tuition costs for kids attending school in south america AND provides clean // safe drinking water for communities in africa.
we thought that providing our hosts with a gift that gives education to a child was a definite win-win!

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