Wednesday, August 21, 2013

day 82 : treat MYSELF!

yesterdays good deed?! i took care of ME! 
these past two weeks have been a bit rough // overwhelming // blah blah blah
i have a lot on my plate right now & a lot of transitions happening.
anyways, yesterday was HARD!
{i know, i know how lucky i am to have a job // home // good humans in my life // ect}
anyways, when i got home from work yesterday, i knew i needed to stop and do something for myself.

so, i walked down to the frozen yogurt shop and FILLED UP MY CUP!
dark chocolate and birthday cake froyo + gummy bears, sprinkles, cookie dough chunks, snicker crumbles and oreo pieces. it was everything i never eat.
and it was delish! 
{somedays you just need to eat a pound of sugar ;)}

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