Friday, August 16, 2013

day 78 : take blake on a surprise mini-date

i am posting this super late {hello, bedtime!}, but todays good deed was super simple.
blake and i have both had a pretty rough week. too many work hours, lots of lost sleep & being taken advantage of by a few folks...
we spent HOURS of our time cleaning up messes that were not ours this week.
i had two date nights planned, but both were cancelled due to outside factors.
tonight, we walked up to the bank to cash a few checks & i decided to buy blake some frozen yogurt on our walk back.

it wasnt much, but he has been great this week and i wanted him to know that i really appreciate him.
our walk home was great. we are both doing some major reorganizing in our lives in the coming months & small mini-dates like this really help to inspire me to push forward.

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