Wednesday, August 14, 2013

day 76 : volunteer & make new friends

you guys!
i am so far behind on this blog! 
in 2.5 weeks, i will be unemployed, so i am hoping to spend some of my days really working and catching up on this site.
i have been doing a deed each day, but i am really, like 20+ days behind..

a few days ago, blake & i headed over to help a {new} friend with her business!
do you know beez kneez honey? its a two-women show that offers education classes, urban honeycombs & honey delivery by bike. we had met both women before & blake is friends with a good friend of theirs.
they are creating a new honey house {hooray!} & needed some help painting the new space.
we biked over, made a bunch of new friends, painted & ate pizza.
its so cool to see the progress that multiple people can make in just a few hours! 

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