Wednesday, August 21, 2013

day 83 : {daphnes good deed} give a shelter dog a 'forever' chance

last summer, we rescued daphne from safe hands rescue here in town. they pull as many dogs as they can, usually from shelters in the south.
i follow them on facebook & recently saw that one of the shelters had a distemper outbreak. {its a super-scary dog disease that will kill, unless its treated}

the shelter closed down {thanks to an understanding judge} & is testing each and every dog for distemper. if the dogs test negative & they can find foster families, the dogs will be saved. 
if the dogs test positive OR cant find foster families, they wont survive {breaks my heart!}
safe hands started a fundraising page to raise money for the testing, treating and rehoming of the shelter dogs.

daphne and i were talking about this & she was shocked. {look at that shocked face ;)} and she knew she wanted to help.
we talked about it & she decided to donate some money to help test a couple pups.
{we are talking to the rescue about fostering a dog, but daphne isnt sure if shes ready yet}

if you can help or want to read more, you can head here.

daph says 'thanks for making a difference!' {see also : please send me more bones!}

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