Wednesday, July 31, 2013

day 70 : ask a driver to stop texting while driving {and then not freak out when he gave me the finger}

you know that texting & driving is dangerous, right?
maybe you think you are a really good driver, so its fine.
or you really need to tell your husband to pick up a pizza.
or you just have to confirm with a friend that you are running a bit behind.
regardless, its dangerous.
and depending where you live ; its against the law.

i dont text while driving. ever.
blake doesnt either.
see, we ride our bike most days of the year.
both of us {and other bikers, too} will tell you how many close calls they have had with drivers who werent watching.
i have been almost hit or run over so many times by a driver who wasnt paying attention.
just yesterday, a girl was texting on her phone & she blew a red light and there was a biker {not me, but i saw the whole thing} in the intersection. she missed the biker by less than a foot.

a few weeks back, i was at a 4-way stop {and i stopped first} & had the right-of-way. as im going, there is a women texting, head down ; doesnt even slow down ; just plows right through the stop sign ; didnt see me OR the sign. we were in a residential area, so i chased her down & told her how close she was to hitting me.
i could go on & on...

this morning on my way to work, there was a grown man texting {at a light} right next to me. i stared until he made eye contact & told him to stop. its against the law in minnesota & its SO dangerous.
he gave me the finger, told me to bleeeeep off & ran the light a second before it turned green.
{not all good deeds are well received.. ;)}

i am begging you NOT to text while you are driving. all it takes is one second to hit a car, a pedestrain or a biker. and im sure i sound like a pain in the butt ; but seriously. if you hit {or KILL} someone, your entire life will change forever!

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  1. My BOCES class and I have been doing a texting and driving pledge for the past 2 years and we have got about 500 people in our town to sign it, but its amazing how many people still do it after signing the pledge, is a text really that important?