Monday, July 22, 2013

day 63 : help a family that lost everything in a fire

happy monday!
before i get to my good deed, i want to give you a background story.

this is princess & i first saw her story on facebook last fall.
she was neglected, abandoned, living in bushes and terrified of humans!
a sweet 13-year old boy, patrick spent months trying to convince princess to trust him. he would bring books & homework near her & just sit there, until finally she was rescued and given medical attention.

in january, princess was adopted & now lives a really great life with another female pit.
arent they so beautiful?

a couple weeks ago, patrick [the boy that saved princess' life] & his family [his mother & 3 sisters] were forced out of their duplex in atlanta. someone threw a molotov cocktail // fire bomb // something terrible through their neighbors window & they lost their home.

i do not know patrick. or his family. heck, i was in atlanta in 6th grade for a few hours. i really have no connection to this family ; but a) the idea of them losing everything breaks my heart and b) the fact that this little boy saved a dogs life ; i knew i wanted to help.

i found out they shop at a nearby wal-mart, so i mailed them a giftcard. its not much & i wish i could do more ; but hopefully, they will be able to buy diapers, milk or some fun toys for the kids.

if you are interested in donating, let me know & i can set you up with who you can contact [there is a donation 'hub' where everything can be collected & donated]

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