Sunday, July 28, 2013

day 68 : buy some grass for my dog {seriously}

yesterday at the farmers market, i bought a container of 'pet grass' for daphne.
i have been thinking of buying some for a while now, but there was a big container, organically grown & only $3, so i bought it.
daphne wouldnt touch it yesterday ; she just kept circling & sniffing, but wouldnt eat it.
today, she finally tore into it. she LOVES it.
there is some 'pet grass' {i cant think of the scientific term right now} around the lakes that daphne loves eating ; but i thought having some in the house would be great for her.

do you know much about 'pet grass'? dogs {cats, too} munch on this grass to help aid in digestion. whenever daphne eats something that is questionable {often!}, or when we switch her food, she always munches on 'pet grass'. 
since she is inside more often that outside, i thought having a container in the living room would be great for her.
some people say shes spoiled.... 

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