Tuesday, July 23, 2013

day 64 : demand justice for millie

you guys, this is a sad one.
i will keep the heart-breaking details to a minimum, but for millies sake, please read the entire post!

two weeks ago in savage, mn [about 35 minutes outside of minneapolis] rudolph poppe brutally beat his golden retriever millie with a sledgehammer. millie was an older dog & she had an accident inside the house. mr. poppe was angry, so he tied her head in a plastic bag & beat her IN FRONT of neighbors.
millie was conscious the entire attack [makes me want to throw up!] ; but was taken to an animal hospital & put down due to the extent of her injuries.

currently, mr. poppe is in jail awaiting his sentencing. he is charged with 2 counts of felony animal cruelty // torture & 1 count of  resisting arrest & 1 count of disorderly conduct. and 2098423098 counts of being a big, massive jerk. 

there is a petition circulating demanding justice for millie & asking the court to prosecute mr. poppe to the full extent of the law.

in honor of millie, the petition is here.
i am *begging* you to sign this petition & pass it on. share it through email & social media.
my heart is so sick over the fact that this happened to a healthy, loving animal. as i type this, i am thinking about daphne & how much she loves & trusts us. we saved her life & brought her into our family. i am disgusted that this could ever happen.

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