Tuesday, July 2, 2013

days 53. 54. 55. and 56.

yikes! how did i get so behind?!
[speaking of being behind : we are leaving tomorrow for an 8 day trip [[whoop whoop!]], so while i will be tracking my good deeds, they probably wont be up on the blog in a timely manner!
lets recap from this weekend :

day 53 // saturday 29th : last weekend i did the same, but today i supported 6 different farmers at our local market. all are small, organic farmers // businesses in the area. i bought radishes, bread, strawberries, salsa, jam & basil.

day 54 // sunday 30th :
we took daphne out for a late-night walk & there was a guy on a nice ride bike stopped at the curb. we went over and asked if he needed any help. he was working on adjusting the seat. nice & simple.

day 55 // monday 1st : on my way home from work [on my fancy new road bike, btw] ; i was in the bike lane on a pretty busy street. im only on the road for a few blocks & while there is a bike lane, its not marked well & the road is pretty narrow. the car behind me gave me a ton of clearance // room to ride & when we got to a stop light, i thanked him for respecting me on the road.

day 56 // tuesday 2nd : today on my personal facebook page, i shared a really great kickstarter campaign. you can help support it here.

this is super short & sweet with NO pictures.
see you tomorrow ;)

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  1. Yes to supporting local farmers! I've been trying to hit up as many farms and farmers' markets as possible lately. Such a good cause, and fun too.