Tuesday, July 16, 2013

day 57. yoga & a really long break.

okay, okay.
i am back.
see, we went camping for a week. and then we came back.
and while i did do an act of kindness each day, it became way too daunting to try to document 15 days all at once.
so, i am starting day today with day 57.

here we go : 
day 57 // support a yoga teacher-in-training
we have a really great hot yoga studio in our neighborhood ; blake and i usually go as 'drop-ins' or when they have a really great monthly deal. i love the idea of belonging to a gym // studio, but the reality is, i have 20384092 workout dvds & spend a lot of my time biking, hiking, running outside. i dont love the idea of driving to a gym to workout.

throughout july & august, the studio is offering 4 classes a week that will be taught by yoga teachers-in-training. you can take the class for just $5 [compared to $17 to drop-in normally!] & it gives a new teacher the experience s/he needs in a smaller class environment.

all of my duathlon training has been working my knees // legs like crazy, so i welcomed an hour of 105* stretching last night.

i got the detox i needed, we supported a new teacher & supported a really awesome yoga studio.
if you live in the cities, you can check out their schedule here. [if it says 'community class' in the class description, that means its a $5 'in training' class]

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