Monday, July 22, 2013

days 60, 61 & 62 : dog poop, corn fritters & shopping at the co-op

ive got this weekends good deeds all in one post.

day 60 [friday] // offer someone a poop bag
i was on my way to work early on friday & i see a women walking her dog on our apartment lawn. the dog is pooping and the lady just walks away without cleaning it up [maybe my biggest pet peeve on the planet!] i pulled up to her & offered her a poop bag. she told me she wasnt going to clean it up & flicked her cigarette at me.
maybe not a successful 'good deed' ; but its the thought that counts [right?]

day 61 [saturday] // keep the change
each saturday, we start our day with a trip to the farmers market. its only a few blocks away & we usually take daph, stock up on food, grab a pastry & turn it into a long morning walk.
i picked out three ears of local corn for $1.75. i gave them two $1 bills, but they were out of quarters. it was only a quarter & not a huge deal ; but for small, local farmers, every penny counts, right?
[ps : i didnt get a photo of the corn when i bought it ; but blake made these awesome fritters last night!]

day 62 [sunday] // shop the local co-op
we are super lucky to have so many great food options within walking // biking distance.
we have 3 farmers markets, a co-op, a trader joes and a whole foods all within 20 minutes [by bike].
along with being a member at our neighborhood co-op, we also benefit from deals & specials at other co-ops, as well.
for us, shopping at the co-op is the best choice. we pay a higher price overall, but we are supporting local businesses, putting money back into our economy & telling companies [large & small] that 'people over profit' is important to us!

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