Friday, July 19, 2013

day 59 : support local artists & see a rad art exhibit

hi everybody!
last night, we went to the walker art museum [really, one of the coolest museums in the country] to check out a temporary art exhibit.

the women i nanny for & her co-worker actually created this exhibit ; so i was really excited to check it out.
did you know that target is based here in minneapolis? they employ a TON of folks & have also given millions of dollars to local causes.

each thursday night, target partners with the walker & allows free admission.
and for 3 thursdays in july [next week is the last one] ; they have this really cool firefly exhibit.
when you are standing in the sculpture garden of the museum, you have a really great view of the minneapolis skyline ; you are also able to see the target corporate building.

without giving too much away, i will say that when you place your hand on the jar of fireflies, something happens at the top of the target building!
the project is so cool & it was really fun to support local creatives & to watch people [of all ages] play with the light show!
if you are local & are free next thursday night, i highly recommend you check this out!

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