Wednesday, July 17, 2013

day 58 : tell rolling stone magazine their cover is insensitive

hi everybody!
todays 'good deed' is simple ; i have signed a petition asking rolling stone magazine to pull their most recent cover.
if you want to see the image, you can click here [i am not interested in posting it & giving it more publicity]
if you didnt look, the cover photo is of the boy that is suspected in the boston bombings. the photo of him makes him look sleek, sharp & like a heartthrob.
i know that rolling stone is known for controversial covers, but he & his brother killed people.
he is not an idol. he killed a little boy who was cheering on his father. he caused pain throughout this country. he filled a pressure cooker with NAILS and BALL BEARINGS ; that is totally barbaric!

i think this cover is insensitive to the families & the victims ; the bombings were only 3 months ago!
i also think that covers like this glorify the idea that if you make a huge scene & cause a ton of pain ; people love to talk about you & look at your photo.

if you are interested in signing the petition, you can click here.
if you disagree with me ; thats fine. but please, if you are going to comment, keep it kind ;)

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