Tuesday, April 22, 2014

day 190 : cash in change {and then spend it on ME}

this one is easy.

in 7th grade, at a church party, someone gave me a glass jar filled with strawberry candies. 
the jar is about half-gallon size and since i was a kid, its been the place to collect spare change.

since we pay for laundry in our building, the quarters go into a different 'laundry-only' jar ; but everything else goes into the strawberry jar.
blake and i decided that once it was full, we would cash it in and do something nice for ourselves.
and since its all dimes, nickels and pennies, we knew it wouldn't be a massive amount, but cashed in change is cashed in change ;)

we took the jar up to the bank, dumped it all in the change-sorter and placed bets on the total.
not a ton of money, but we will use it this week on our trip! 

do you have a change jar? 

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