Wednesday, April 16, 2014

day 186 : reuniting a lost dog with her owner

a few months ago, i did this same thing.
but, it happened again this weekend.

blake & i were taking daphne for a super long stroll.
about a block ahead, i see this really beautiful dog and shes just running in and out of traffic.
nobody is stopping.
i didn't want to scare her, so i went into the backyard of a house {the garage door was open and a guy was out raking} & asked if she was his dog.
nope. not his.

he came out front with me and the dog starts barking // growling at him ; and wagging her tail at me.
{afraid of guys?}
{daphne is with blake on the other side of the street since she cant handle other dogs...}
another neighbor guy comes out and says 'oh, that dog lives across the street. shes always out, we don't do anything about it. she usually goes back home.'}
i am sitting there, stunned.
you dont do anything?!?
what if she gets hit by a car?!

so, i take some treats, and walk over to her house and she follows me.
i ring the doorbell, no answer.
i sit down on the step and she comes closer.
finally, i was able to see the phone number on her tag and call her humans.
no answer.

so, we sit.
{and daphne is working SO hard not to freak out at the other end of the block!}
and *finally* this woman comes running from the back of the house, looking for her dog.
hooray ; reunited!
as we were walking away, the 'its not a big deal' neighbor waved and said thanks for helping her out!

i would hope to goodness if it was daphne that got loose, someone would hang with her and keep her from running into traffic and getting hurt.

it takes a village to save the world, folks!

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