Friday, April 25, 2014

day 193 : kindness carousel {week 15}

woo hoo!
we come home from vacation tomorrow ; i am super excited to recap everything for you!

enjoy another round of the kindness links from around the internet!

1) you have seen this video, right? if not, *promise* me you will watch it! {and get ready to start bawling!}

2) you know i love a good rescue story! check out 50 {one from each state!!}

3) i am participating in a mothers day giveaway over here. {you can also find an *EXCLUSIVE* Be Nice Box coupon code!}

4) this is a beautiful story from the #30DOB {30 days of biking} blog about the power of getting on a bicycle!

5) mark your calendars! May 10th is the Annual Mail Carriers Food Drive! {you leave food by your mailbox and your postal worker picks it up and it gets donated to local food shelves!}

6) Julia did a really awesome write-up of the Be Nice Box! also, her blog is really great!

7) Jennifer created a free 'take what you need sheet.' you can download it here. {also, i LOVE that these are becoming a 'thing.'}

8) love this post about kara goucher and oiselle teaming up! so classy.

9) have you been following this story? there is a bill in California that, if passed, would BAN all Sea World shows.. animal rights are such a huge part of my existence and i would LOVE to see this happen in our lifetime!

10) and holy beautiful! this was done in the name of TV advertising ; but its SO amazingly beautiful!

see you on monday!!

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