Monday, May 5, 2014

day 194 : {VACATION WEEK RECAP} day 1

we have officially been back for a week & i am ready to get back into blogging! 
this week, i am going to share our day-by-day vacation adventures!
each post this week is going to have tons of photos {woo hoo!} 

here we go! 
last saturday, blake and i left daphne at home and headed down to orlando for a week!
we aren't really amusement park type of folks, but i have been dreaming of seeing the wizarding world of harry potter since it opened.
kelly lives outside of orlando and was SO kind to allow us to stay with her!

blake and i sold our car two days before leaving for vacation, so we took public transit to the airport!
our flight wasn't packed, so we had a row to ourselves & i had the window seat! we read, napped and kicked ourselves for not having earplugs {so many screaming babies heading to disney!}

kelly & jeff picked us up from the airport and we headed to a hockey game downtown!

day 2 {monday ; our first full day in florida} // 
kelly, blake & i headed to the disney wilderness preserve. {kelly blogged her photos here
i LOVE stuff like this! few miles of walking // hiking trails and lots and lots of nature. we did see a snake and heard an alligator ; which didn't thrill me ; but this space was SO beautiful! 

after our mini-hike // walk, we spent the rest of our night at downtown disney!
we hung out at the lego store, ate chocolate, ordered really delish sandwiches AND purchased personalized mouse ears {which will be all over tomorrows post!}  
also, it was earth day & there was a huge sign up where people of all ages wrote examples of how they are making the world a better place! {my people!} 

see you tomorrow!


  1. Friend, I am so jealous. I'm hoping to make it to HK Disneyland in the next few months, but I really miss Downtown Disney. When I worked at WDW I was there 2-3 times a week. I'm guessing you ate at Earl of Sandwich?!

    1. we DID eat at earl of sandwich! i was impressed ; affordable, veg-friendly items and good food!
      id love to see photos of HK disney!!