Tuesday, May 6, 2014

day 195 : {VACATION RECAP} day 2

this week on the blog, i am recapping our florida trip 
{you can see day 1 here}

day 2 // DISNEY!

our second day in florida {tuesday} was spent at disney world. kelly dropped us off mid-morning and we stayed until 11pm!
we rode *almost* every single ride in the park {we missed both boat tours & the laugh floor, and skipped space & splash mountains}

i am not a huge ride person {i am overly sensitive to motion, and honestly, i just get icky headaches} ; but we had such a good time at disney. amusement parks aren't our thing, but there really is something magical about being there.

the night before, we purchased personalized mouse ears and wore them all day! 

when you leave the parking lot, you can enter the park either by monorail or by ferry. we chose the boat. as soon as we hopped on, we headed upstairs and got a 'front row' view. {it was pretty windy ; we had to hold on to our ears!}

we started in frontierland and ended with tomorrowland. {with the other two 'lands' in between}

the aladdin magic carpet ride // my sister and i use to watch this {and lion king} a billion times. im pretty sure i still have most of the lines memorized!

lunch: jumbo pickles and baked potatoes!

the hall of presidents // oh my gosh! every US president is audio-animatronic-ed. blake had seen this before, but this was my first time. the figures talk, move and make subtle movements {slightly turning heads or moving fingers}. this was really one of the coolest things i have ever seen {and ive para-glided off the swiss alps..}

im one of those people ;  one of the folks who DON'T get annoyed with the 'its a small world' ride. i love the song. the figures and display make me cry, every time! when i dream about this kindness movement changing the world, thats what i see in my head. we are all holding hands, singing a backstreet boys song and honoring each others space & cultures. i have loved this ride ever since i was a little kid!

i was a bit bummed to hear that mickey's toontown had been torn down {you could tour mickey and minnie's houses and take your picture with them} & replaced by dumbos circus ; but the new space is really beautiful! there are TWO dumbo rides and the interactive play area while you are waiting in line is incredible!
fun{?} fact: i have never watched dumbo start to finish. i watched the beginning when i was a kid and remember being SO terrified and scared that i have never watched it since. same with bambi ; i didnt watch it for the first time until i was in college. and even then, i BAWLED and have never watched it since. too sensitive, man..

blake wanted you to know that he really loved the ears, too!

tomorrows post : HARRY POTTER!!


  1. Disney looks so fun! Looks like you made the most of your day there! Love the hats. I can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

  2. I was a regular {ahem} at the Toontown Fair, and I was sad when it went away too. I still haven't been there to see the new space but I hope it's just as good. My good friends Mickey and Minnie used to give tours of their houses to the first guest of the day. I miss those moments!

    1. the circus is cool ; its a HUGE space. there are two dumbo rides! plus, a billion more things. the last time i was at disney was a few years ago, and i LOVED toontown ; walking through the houses, the gardens and seeing the popcorn pop at minnie's house!