Wednesday, May 14, 2014

day 199 : energy exchange with Modo Yoga

lets talk about energy!
one of the most amazing things about this project has been the opportunities that have 'landed on my lap.' i have met incredible people {seriously, people who have changed my life & who i want around forever!}, i have found more confidence in myself, i started a business that i LOVE {!!} and i have learned the beauty of connecting.

last january, b&i purchased a 30-day deal for modo yoga ; which is a hot yoga studio, a mile away from our place. we went {not often} & then our deal expired. last summer // fall when i was training for my duathlon, we would 'friday night date' at the studio. each friday, they offer a $5 karma class. you pay $5 {or whatever you can}, the money goes to charity and you get to enjoy a 60-min yoga class in 105* temps.

you guys! i LOVE modo! the staff, the community, the intentions ; all of it! i have been to a handful of yoga studios, and i have never felt like this! the instructors know your name, the space is sustainable & you never, ever feel like the 'fat // lame // old // new // uncoordinated' kid in class. each instructor meets you where you are & NEVER pushes. also, this is the least judgmental health // wellness // fitness space i have ever been in.

fun news: i am the newest member of the modo yoga energy exchange program! that means, every sunday morning, i spend 4 hours at the studio doing everything from taking the garbage out, washing the towels, straightening up the retail space to cleaning the hot yoga studio after each class. in exchange, i receive unlimited free yoga classes.
this is such an awesome deal! 

as a new business owner, my brain is constantly swimming with a billion ideas! being in the studio is inspiring ; being around all these amazing folks is inspiring ; AND being able to spend a few hours a week sweating out my issues, ideas, triumphs and failures is so powerful!

if you live in the cities, and want to take a class together ; let me know!

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  1. I have a few girlfriends that go to that studio and they LOVE it.