Saturday, May 17, 2014

day 202 : VACATION RECAP {day 5}

this is it ; the last day of our vacation!
kelly spent the day with us {hooray} and we were total tourists!
our first stop : the tupperware museum! its actually a really beautiful event center, with a small 'history center' towards the back. the set up was really futuristic & interactive {touch screens for everything!}
for a $1 donation, you received a keychain! you had this shape-sorter when you were a kid, right? there is actually a yellow shape in there that moves around!

from there, we headed to dundee groves; which had a million types of honey, jellies and candies. we purchased a quarter-bushel of oranges & a jar of honey {which blake accidentally put in his carry-on bad, which was confiscated and tossed at the airport..}

after, we headed to the world headquarters for florida's natural orange juice! the space was interactive, with screens, old pieces of history & a video. you could sample juices and we purchased an orange slushy {just frozen oj!}

we also stopped at a chocolate factory. i am a HUGE fan of chocolate! this stuff? not great! it was cheap milk chocolate & just didn't taste awesome, at all.

for our last meal in florida, we headed to the food truck fair. each week, tons of food trucks gather in different parts of the city. there was also live music and local vendors {we got free toothbrushes!}
most people {myself included} see orlando as mouse ears and overpriced attractions ; but it was super-cool to see rad bike trails, nature conservatories, local brews & other pieces of sustainability making a mark!
we had vegan cupcakes and falafel!

thats it, folks!
huge thanks to kelly & jeff for being SO awesome to us while we were in florida!
thanks for reading and sharing our trip!

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  1. The Tupperware museum?! That sounds awesome! I would have totally dug that! :)