Thursday, May 22, 2014

day 206 : Aladdin Soundtracks, player pianos & neighborhood gardens

i think i have used the word 'neighborhood' in every single post this week!

a couple of weeks ago, there was a small festival happening a few neighborhoods over. we were looking for a bike ride & this was a great excuse to get on the bikes. there were food samples, live music, screen printing demonstrations and tons more.

as we were walking around, we hear 'a whole new world' from the aladdin soundtrack being played on a piano. we followed the sounds & found a player piano.
do you know these? they are the pianos that automatically play! you put in a roll of music & pump the pedals, and the piano just plays.

i grew up playing piano. my mom is really talented & use to play for church services and weddings. my grandma plays, as well.
i had never seen a player piano in real life and hello, the aladdin soundtrack! {still one of my favorite movies of all time!}
for a $1 donation to the community garden fund, you could pick out any song and play it {by pumping the pedals!} the piano is owned by don barton ; who owns barton player piano company. i asked a million questions {not always my best quality!} and don gave us a tour of both his shop and all of his player pianos. it was really incredible. one piano had a full band inside. there was an accordion, a drum set & more ; so it sounded like a 'big band' performance.

of all the things we have done // seen in the city, hanging out with don & his pianos for 30 minutes is one of the coolest!

here is a 15 second video clip of one of the older pianos.
and the song i choose for my donation? uptown girl by billy joel!
{piano man is one of my favorite songs & i totally felt like billy for 4 minutes ;)}
{this clip is NOT of that song, btw! i was too busy pumping to record!}

have you ever played // seen a player piano?!

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