Wednesday, June 4, 2014

day 207 : support a friend and wipe out MS

almost halfway through 2014! 

this one is easy! {thats usually the theme around here, right?}
my sweet friend tiff {and her husband chris!} are biking 150 miles this weekend, all in the name of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis!
i always think its so amazing when people do big things to help others! 

tiff's goal is to raise $500 and she is almost there! 
if you have $5, send it her way!

i met tiff a few years ago through community ed. she was my zumba instructor & she is just one of those people. you know the type. the people who inspire kindness and positivity! the people who make you want to be better! without a doubt, she is one of my favorite people i have met since living in the cities! 

she is committing to biking 150 miles in two days to raise money for people around the country who are battling MS every day! 
you can head here to donate!
{every single dollar makes a difference!} 

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