Monday, June 16, 2014

day 214 : YOUR GOOD DEED OF THE DAY // help win $10,000 for the Be Nice Box!

if you have been following me on social media, you know that i have been {obnoxiously?} asking for help!
the awesome folks at KIND Snacks are holding a contest & one 'social good' business will win $10,000!
there are 13 other businesses in the running, and for the past couple of days, we have been holding steady at 3rd place. a few days ago, we were only 9 votes away from 1st and now the gap has gotten much wider! right now, we are 63 votes behind 1st place.
but, i am not super worried!
because i know how awesome you are! 
it is SO easy to vote!
each person can vote up to 4 times. i am asking you to please, please, please vote all 4 times.
if 10 folks vote once, that gives us 10 votes. if those 10 people vote all four times, that gives us 40 votes ; that could be the difference between $10k & second place!

you can head here to vote!
once you vote once, you are able to earn three additional votes by sharing on facebook, twitter & email!
the contest goes through the end of the month ; so we have 14 days to take the lead!

i got the idea for the Be Nice Box on october 1st, while blake and i were out walking daphne! the idea hit me like a lightning bolt and i actually wrote up a business plan that night!
in the two weeks that followed, i added details to my plan & created a website.
i launched the site on october 15th and we sold our first 20 boxes in 3 days!
since then, we have been selling 40-65 boxes every month and have sent boxes to 36 states {and puerto rico!}
this movement has changed my life! 

lets talk about the money! 
$10,000 is a lot of money! all of the money that i spend on the box either comes from my savings or box sales. i don't have any loans or angel investors. i don't have a trust fund or rich family members who send me money each month! blake is awesome and pays for more than his share of groceries and utilities ; but when it comes down to it, the money that goes into this business is my money. and as a new business owner, i don't have a lot of it. haha..
i have huge ideas! HUGE! i have pages and pages of goals & future plans for this business.
this money would change my life and this movement {in the best way possible}!

with $10,000, we will : 
*be able to take this movement international! we will start shipping boxes all over the world
*be able to launch our new Be Nice Box lines ; one for children, another for families & a full 'classroom kindness' curriculum for educators
*partner with a local agency to hire adults with disabilities to help package the boxes each month
*be able to take our packaging to the next level! printed boxes, digital maps and more!
*make this movement bigger and better! i have a HUGE secret i am not able to share yet, but lets just say, this money would allow us to travel with rad folks and do big things with awesome results!
*FLASH MOBS! i'd love to see 'kindness ambassadors' all over the country, working together to surprise 'every day' folks with blasts of kindness!

voting only takes a minute and would mean SO much to me!
if you have already voted, please take a minute to share the link with your friends, family, followers & blog readers!
from the very bottom of my heart {with all of my guts!} THANK YOU!
vote here


  1. I don't have facebook so I can't vote, but I will tweet this for you! So deserved Diana, best of luck! xoxo ♥