Thursday, June 19, 2014

day 218 : ride a bike for 200 miles!

its happening, folks!
today, blake & i, along with 18 other awesome folks are hopping on bikes and riding 200 miles up to bemidji, minnesota!

we are super lucky in minneapolis {and st paul!} to have the nice ride mn bike sharing system!
blake & i are both members! its so easy {you don't have to be a member to use it!} you head to one of the 170 stations, check out a bike, get on & enjoy. when you are finished {members get 60 min, non-members get 30}, head to a station {either the one you checked it out at, or not} and dock your bike. you can either check out another and keep riding, or head to your destination.

this weekend, the good folks in bemidji will be launching their very own nice ride mn system. their bikes are a little lighter in weight and look a bit different. {and they are orange!}

20 of us are riding the 3-speed vanmoof bikes from minneapolis to bemidji to help launch their program! the grand opening is on sunday & we start riding today! the ride is fully supported {meaning, there is a truck to carry our gear} & we will be riding about 50 miles a day!

i am so stinkin' pumped!
i will share full recaps when we are back {there will be good deeds going up all week long, though!}
if you want to follow our journey on twitter, you can search the hashtag #bike2bemidji!

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