Sunday, June 8, 2014

day 211 : the perk of NOT having a car

did you know that blake & i sold our only car a couple months ago?
thats right, we are car-free! 
later this month, i will go into more detail about our choice, what it looks like and how we are doing without {car} wheels.

do you know car2go
if you live in a large city, maybe you have seen them around. they are white smart cars, with blue accents. they are a pay-by-the-minute car service. in minneapolis, there are almost 300 of them. 
you become a member {we are}, reserve the car you want {they don't have designated parking spot, so chances are, there are at least a handful within walking distance of where you are}, open it up & drive away. the super-awesome thing about car2go, is that as long as you are in city limits, you can park it and leave it on any city street. you don't have to return it to the place you picked it up! 

a couple weeks ago, i heard about these guys in austin, texas who are making bike racks for smart cars. i tweeted car2go & mentioned that i know my one//no-car family friends and i would love an option for a car with a bike rack. we tweeted back and forth & it ended with a 'maybe someday.'

a couple days later, i get a phone call from the guys at car2go. they said they have something for me as a thank you for my feedback.
what the what? anybody who knows me knows that i just fall so hard for good customer service. kindness from a business goes SO far & i really think that companies are catching on.

that same day, i get a hand-delivered package. inside is a cupcake from a local food truck, a squishy car2go toy, a handwritten note {LOVE} and a 30-day pass for nice ride {our local bike sharing program.}

so awesome, right? 
constructive feedback and awesome customer service for the win!

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