Tuesday, June 10, 2014

day 213 : {kindness received} and DOG TREATS

last week, i blogged about my sweet friend tiff, who biked 150 miles this week in the name of finding a cure for MS! 
a few weeks ago, we got together for a bike ride & she gave me a bag of handmade dog treats that she made for daphne.
awesome bonus: the hand-sewn reusable pouch!
{we treat-train daphne because she has so many social issues, so we are always carrying around a bag of treats whenever we leave the house. the cute bag beats the plastic produce bags from the co-op that we use!}
the coolest part of these treats? 
they are made from spent-beer grains! tiffs husband brews beer & the grains that we leftover went into making these treats.

daphne absolutely loves these & i feel really thankful for friends who think about her! 

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