Friday, June 20, 2014

day 219 : new items in the shop! {more awesome ways to spread kindness!}

i am so excited to announce that we have two new items in the shop! 

each packet contains 5 plantable seed coins! {you guys, they are really awesome!!} 
the coins are the same size & color of real coins, but made from paper AND contain seeds. 
you just pop them in the ground and make the planet better! 
pennies = wildflower // nickels = herbs // dimes = carrots and turnips // quarters = lettuce mix
each packet is $1.25 and ships for free! coins were designed & printed in the us by the awesome folks at leafcutter designs and the tags were designed by my friend nic!

the grab bags are a mini-version of the Be Nice Box! each bag contains a list of 7 acts of kindness to complete, along with three tangible items to help complete some of the items on your list.
all items are from past boxes. you may find bamboo notecards, bird feeders, locally made dog treats, canvas coffee sleeves, 2oz bags of organic coffee AND more inside your bags! the bags don't have themes the way our monthly boxes do. bags are $8 & ship for free!

ps: please don't forget to vote & help us win $10,000! {here

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  1. Oh man I'm so excited!! Those coins are SO cool, and I LOVE the grab bag idea! You are amazing Diana!! ♥