Thursday, June 5, 2014

day 208 : JUNE Be Nice Box Reveal

you guys! 
this months Be Nice Box is my all-time favorite!
the first box went out in November & as we were packing up the boxes this month, Blake said to me, 'wow, you can really see how far you // the boxes have come!' and i totally feel it! i am proud of this months box. i am so proud to be friends with so many amazing small business owners. i had NO IDEA that this little blog would bear the idea for this business. NO IDEA that the dream job i have been searching for would fall right in front of my face. i feel so lucky & what an awesome thing to be able to share it with others?! 

June Be Nice Box Reveal

theme // 'full bellies' {all of the good deeds use food to make the world better!} & charity // meals on wheels AND no kid hungry & gift inside the box // handmade summer garland

this months good deeds //
1) collect your spare change all month long. at the end of the month, donate to your favorite food charity
2) kindness is contagious ; pass it on. INCLUDED // two KIND bars
3) going grocery shopping? buy extras & donate them. {usually at the front entrance, there is a donation box} // best items to donate : peanut butter, noodles, canned fruits & veggies, nuts and seeds 
4) leave a sugar book at the table of your favorite cafe. INCLUDED // two sugar books
*i will be doing an entire post on the awesomeness of the sugar books later this month. seriously, so cool!* 
5) friday the 13th : show folks that kindness isn't scary ; do something awesome!
6) june 17th is fresh veggies day. have fruits or veggies left over from your farmers market run? share with a friend or neighbor
7) surprise someone with cupcakes! INCLUDED // cupcake liners and toppers
8) support your local farmers market ; everybody wins! farmers, your health, local community and more!
9) back at the grocery store? leave a coupon you don't plan on using next to the item. be the 'coupon fairy'
10) wake someone up with a cup of awesome coffee. INCLUDED // 2oz bag of organic coffee
11) treat a stranger to something sweet ; YOU DECIDE! purchase a drink, pay for the muffin or dessert, ect.
12) june 29th : celebrate sunday morning by bringing someone breakfast in bed! 

items included in the box //
KIND bars from KIND Snacks {the dark chocolate cherry is SO GOOD!} // 2oz bag of organic Ethiopian coffee beans from Kindly Coffee // cupcake liners + washi tape cupcake toppers {made my my mom!} // sugar books from Leafcutter Designs {each book is a sugar packet with pages hand-sewn inside. there is a prompt inside each book, encouraging the finder to leave a note & place the book somewhere for the next stranger to find!} // everyone also received a hand-made summer paper garland that i handmade

i am so smitten with the amazing companies we worked with this month ; please please please check out their websites and support what they are doing! 

the july boxes are now for sale! head here to sign up! 


  1. The sugar books are my favorite part. My husband and I are going to have a breakfast date at our favorite diner this weekend to drop one off :)

  2. I'm so in love with this box! It's my first time receiving one, and I definitely can't wait to do more! Thank you!