Saturday, June 21, 2014

day 220 : take 15 seconds & provide NINE meals to families in need!

as you are reading this, we are about 100 miles in to our 200 mile bike ride!
you can follow the hashtag #bike2bemidji on twitter & instagram to see what we are up to!

you are always looking for rad ways to give back, right?
how about doing something that takes LESS THAN A MINUTE & will provide NINE meals to families in need?
{i am telling you, its that easy!}

the folks at bremer bank partnered up with feeding america to offer a simple quiz about hunger in america.
you take the quiz {its 6 questions and only takes a min!} and regardless of your answers {i got most of them wrong!}, they will donate $1 to feeding america.
$1 sounds so small ; but 9 people can be fed through food banks on $1!

thanks for making a difference, everybody!
ps : you can click here to vote for our KIND Snacks contest!

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